Closing Wheel Tire 1" x 12" for MaxEmerge, 2, Plus, Pro, XP, XP Pro Units.
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1x12 closing wheel tire. Replaces JD A22325, Kinze D1085.
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Net Weight (lbs)  :   1.50
width  :   11.88
Interchange   :   GD1085,017632,87461340,P22325,9DA22325,F3297,F22325,A22325,112SC,
length  :   11.88
White,Monosem,John Deere,
Multiple,MaxEmerge XP Pro,MaxEmerge XP,MaxEmerge Pro Series,MaxEmerge Plus,MaxEmerge 2,MaxEmerge,DR8T,DR24,DR18,DR16,DR12,DB90,DB88,DB80,DB66,DB60T,DB60,DB58,DB44,DB40,DB120,9200,805,803,7340,7300,7240,7200,7100,7000,1795,1785,1780,1775NT,1775,1765NT,1765,1760,1755,1735,1725NT,1725,1715,1705,1700,
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